Monday, April 23, 2018


After getting all my quilt show boutique items complete I finally had time to get back to my Dresden blocks.  I've been looking at my first five blocks and got to thinking about how boring 30 of them would be without mixing it up a bit.  I decided to try a different size with a larger center to see if that might add some interest to the whole idea.
This was my first one.  I still have to get the center sewn down, but have had to order some 12wt thread.  I tried a dark pink thread idea, but it just blended in and didn't provide any contrast.  So I have order some goldish tan thinking it will provide the accent I want.  
As you can see there is a good size difference.  Maybe something in between these two in size.  I will just have to see how things go as I move along with the different fabric combinations.  
In the mean while I put together another one of the larger blocks.  It needs to sew down the blade ends with a blue thread; I didn't have anything in my thread stash to match well.  A trip to JoAnn's just didn't appeal to me on Sunday afternoon, so it will wait until later today.  I will sew the center down with a 12wt blue to match the flowers and blue blades.

Monday, April 16, 2018


Back in December I started a project making star blocks with my  Tilda Cottage fabric.  I actually got 72 done, but was not sure if I would stop there or make a king size quilt to be used as my summer bed quilt.  I ordered Lemon Tree by Tilda, which arrived in mid March and made the decision to make that king size quilt by incorporating this new Tilda line.
Pulling out of my closet these Cottage stars was so fun.  I just love them.  
These pretty Lemon Tree prints of  pink and rose fabrics will really  compliment the blocks I have already made.  
 I really like the pokadots as well.  
The oranges are a new color addition too.  I can wait to get started on some more star blocks.  I do have to order some Moda grunge for the back grounds so I guess I had better get moving on that.

Monday, April 9, 2018


After many weeks, in fact several months, my Southern Charm quilt top is complete.  The job now will be to get a back together for it and then get it off to the quilter.  I am afraid quilting it will be the real chore.  So many seams, and areas that one probably can not quilt over.  Fortunately I have a wonderful quilter that I know will turn out a master piece.  
This quilt has such a variety of different fabrics.  I am happy to say I pulled it all out of my stash.  My goal of late is not to purchase fabric unless there is no other choice.  I have way too much to start with.  It is also what got me hooked on Dresden plates.  It is a lot larger than I ever thought it would be when starting out as well.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


OK, I my obsessed.  These guys grow on you.  However I did have an issue this week with one of them.  

I cut these blades from a fabric I really love, but was unsure of the stripe placements on them.  
I went ahead and put half a plate together and didn't feel any better about the  the stipe fabric.  
So I changed gears and recut new pink blades to replace the stripes.  I still wish I could have made the stripe work, but I just could not get past the stripes placement not being the same on each blade. I did try and it seemed just impossible to manage.  
I did soothe my temporary upset and cut out this block.  I think I will audition my fabrics before I start sewing these things together in the future.  
I also learned a great trick sewing the blades together.  I changed my stitch plate to a single hole plate on my machine.  I was having problems with the sewing machine sucking the fabric into the large hole plate.  That change has improved sewing them a good deal.  
And here we are.  I am all ready to add more plates to their background pieces.  I am on hold for a few days waiting for an order of 12wt thread.  I have a large jar of them, but no pink.  This last Dresden that gave me so much trouble needs a pink thread to sew the center piece on.  I plan to take a break now and get my Southern Charm quilt top sewn together and hopefully get it to the quilter some time this month.  And of course more quilt show boutique placemats and runners.  

Friday, March 30, 2018


I am still working on these Dresden blocks.  I now have three done, well the third one just needs the blanket stitch around the center.  I have several more cut and ready to go.  
This one for some reason seems to be a favorite from an early post. I must admit I like it a lot as well.
I really like this one.  It still needs the blanket stitch around the center.  I have consulted my color expert (husband) and he thinks the matching blue thread is the way to go over my choice of a deep red.  He is usually right when it comes to color so blue it will be.  I have been using 12wt threads for the center blanket stitch.  I like the way it stands out and the extra texture.    

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I have been madly sewing placemats and runners for my guild's January Quilt Show Boutique.  I started with placemats, but also am doing runners.  I pretty much have gone through all my left over fabrics and cut 2 1/2 inch strips.  If I can get four strips at least 18 inches long I make sets of four placemats, if I can only get two strips I make a runner.  I have at least a dozen sets of each cut now. They will need many more for sure, but I'll have help from other guild members.
This past week I was able to finish off three runners.  Sewing these guys in-between my Dresden blocks.  A nice transition from mindless sewing to the slow sew precision of Dresden construction.
I love this one, it is hard to not keep it.  The quilt as you go process is so simple, but I think the results is very pretty.  
This one also has a set of four placemats made from the same fabric line.  Left overs of my Dahlia quilt.
My left over Curved Spiral runner fabrics that I made last year with again another set of placemats that I managed to squeeze out to match this runner too.  
My work shop has been busy this week and I have many more to go along with what I have for myself going.  

Friday, March 23, 2018


While working on my Southern Charm quilt the pattern called for several Dresden blocks.  I had not been successful in the past with this block, but decided to buckle down and learn to do them.  It turned out I rather liked the results, although I must admit they are a slow sew project.  
Earlier this past week in cruising through some blogs I found a quilt made almost exclusively of Dresden blocks.  That post just grabbed me up and I almost immediately had my idea of a Romance Dresden Quilt.
I pulled out all my neutral low volume fabrics and then proceeded to dig through my stash for some deep, rich colored florals.  My first block of around 20 or so needed came to life.  I am so happy with it.
So, last night I cut out my next block.  Plus I've pulled several additional fabric selections for several more.  
I think this flower will be the center for this next block too.  And I can't wait to cut and work on some additional color combinations.