Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I have been visiting in Minnesota with one of my favorite friends and quilters Brooke for this past few days.  Working on someone else's projects is such a nice break from your own.  Brooke has an order from her sister-in-law for 25 mini placements to give her co-workers at Christmas time.  Yes, I know Christmas is months and months away, but we thought to get started. 
I love to fussy cut various fabric prints when they lend themselves to a fun project.  
And this Into The Deep fabric was a perfect one to do it with.
These little mini placemats are 8.5 by 11 inches.  So cute!
While here we also were able to take road trips to two wonderful quilt stores.  I snapped this photo of this cute three fabric table runner to try at home.
 One can make it easily wider or longer as desired.  Sometimes finding a pattern that only uses two or three fabrics is a challenge.  This one works so well.
Yes I did do a good deal of shopping while here.  I'll give a peek on Friday's Blog of that shopping spree.

Friday, May 18, 2018


Why is it that someone else's projects always look so much more interesting than our own.  I am visiting my VBF Brooke
 at Silly Mama Quilts this week.  I took a minute to take a look at her design wall.  Oh my, so many interesting ideas.  
I love this gold color combination.  I am not a fan of butterflies normally, but these guys are sure interesting.  It is a new print by Carrie Bloomston called Wonder.  
I really like this star burst look with the curved piecing, 
I think this might be one of Maureen Cracknell's first blocks project. I see some Alison Glass and Tula Pink fabrics in it.  
Cork, I have not tried it yet.  This one has a wonderful metallic gold in it.  Brooke has made a wonderful bag with it using the cork for the bottom of the bag and the straps.  Mixed with some fun prints it is really pretty.  
So our week together begins with a shopping trip to see what fun fabrics are out there to add to the fun.

Friday, May 11, 2018


Things are in a bit of a muddle here.  I am getting ready to take a week off and visit my VBF Brooke of Silly Mama Quilts and I have so many projects in the process that right now things just seem out of control.  
This week I took a detour and pulled some baby fabric out of my stash for some relief of making Dresden and Geese blocks.  I have not used this fabric, a left over from my grandson Noah's baby quilt, in 12 years.  Yes, he was 12 in April.  Still cute as ever, the fabric and the grandson. 
I have some pieces all cut and ready to make into star blocks with my Tilda Lemon Tree fabrics.  
This mess is all the strips cut to add to do my braided quilt blocks.  This project sort of got set aside while I moved on to others.  
More partially made Geese.  I have all I need cut and I am making good headway on finishing them off.  
Well at least a bit of progress has been made.  Three more Dresden blocks ready for just the centers sewn down, and 16 of the 24 Geese I need complete.  Some progress was made in this rather disjointed week.

Friday, May 4, 2018


I have been working on a Dresden plates quilt for a few weeks now.  One size for the entire quilt of 30 blocks seemed boring, so I mixed it up and added a larger size, and then a smaller size with fewer blades.  Somehow there was still something missing.  Maybe the idea of making 30 of them, although I hate to admit that.  Never the less, I have decided to add flying geese blocks.  
 This is my new smaller Dresden block, paired up with two of the new flying geese blocks.  These might not set next to each other on the final quilt, but it began to make me interesting in continuing making some more geese to start with anyway.  
And another Dresden with these flying geese.  
So are the first five flying geese blocks I have made are beginning to look pretty good, and the idea seems to be taking shape.
Just to break up the Dresden and Geese dilemma, our Yorkie Ginger got a new doggy scarf.  At lease one project got done this week.  

Friday, April 27, 2018


I promised myself when I cut back my work schedule from three days a week to one and occasionally two per week that I would get more involved in my quilt guilds challenges.  Now by the end of May I am finally completely retiring.  So lots of extra time to get involved.
My guild has a family social and a challenge every year the first Tuesday in August.  This year the challenge is to make a 16 inch square mini quilt. 
Several years ago I made this little wall hanging.  It is too small to use in the challenge, but I liked at the idea.
 So I pulled some batiks out and stated a new vision.
Larger flower petals.  I have increased the pattern size to 200%.
And a nice layout of the pattern.
Once adhered I sewed around all the petals and leaves very close to the edges with closely matching thread colors.
And now for some out lining with 12wt threads on leaves.
And petals.  I do need a very small circle of gold fabric in the center of the petals and lots of thread work to make a fuzzy little center.  After that some quilting, probably straight lines diagonally in both directions on the off white background.  I do have a pretty patterned batiks to use for a small border or maybe a wider binding that will serve as border and binding.  Its not complete, but well on its way in plenty of time for the August event.

Monday, April 23, 2018


After getting all my quilt show boutique items complete I finally had time to get back to my Dresden blocks.  I've been looking at my first five blocks and got to thinking about how boring 30 of them would be without mixing it up a bit.  I decided to try a different size with a larger center to see if that might add some interest to the whole idea.
This was my first one.  I still have to get the center sewn down, but have had to order some 12wt thread.  I tried a dark pink thread idea, but it just blended in and didn't provide any contrast.  So I have order some goldish tan thinking it will provide the accent I want.  
As you can see there is a good size difference.  Maybe something in between these two in size.  I will just have to see how things go as I move along with the different fabric combinations.  
In the mean while I put together another one of the larger blocks.  It needs to sew down the blade ends with a blue thread; I didn't have anything in my thread stash to match well.  A trip to JoAnn's just didn't appeal to me on Sunday afternoon, so it will wait until later today.  I will sew the center down with a 12wt blue to match the flowers and blue blades.

Monday, April 16, 2018


Back in December I started a project making star blocks with my  Tilda Cottage fabric.  I actually got 72 done, but was not sure if I would stop there or make a king size quilt to be used as my summer bed quilt.  I ordered Lemon Tree by Tilda, which arrived in mid March and made the decision to make that king size quilt by incorporating this new Tilda line.
Pulling out of my closet these Cottage stars was so fun.  I just love them.  
These pretty Lemon Tree prints of  pink and rose fabrics will really  compliment the blocks I have already made.  
 I really like the pokadots as well.  
The oranges are a new color addition too.  I can wait to get started on some more star blocks.  I do have to order some Moda grunge for the back grounds so I guess I had better get moving on that.