Friday, December 8, 2017


I did it, I started another project.  It should bother me that I have at lease a dozen project in process, but it doesn't.  I recently read an article that gave me permission to have as many UFO's as you are comfortable with.  I feel fine!
I stumbled on this Quilt-A-Long a week or two ago.  I've been in a bit of a quilt slump and decided a new project was just the thing.  
I didn't immediately order any of BariJ's Wild Bloom fabric.  I knew I have tons, well maybe not tons, but lots of fabric stashed away in my quilt studio.  So I pulled anything I though might look good.
This looks like a pretty good fabric start. So I proceeded on to Pattern 1-La Fleur Block.
These fabrics looked perfect for my first block.
And here it is.  I am a bit behind so Pattern 2 and 3 are waiting for me.  So I will be working on those so stay tuned for more of this adventure. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


I finally decided what I wanted to do with my Cottage fabric by Tilda.  A runner featured on my bestie Brooke at Silly Mama Quilts  just didn't seem to grab me.  I remembered this floating star pattern I have used a couple times over the years and decided YES!

So I jumped right in and took the blue color way and started mixing stars and centers.  
I cut a few more combinations and moved on to the next color.
Still two more colors to go, this particular color is actually more of a plum, but I still have reds and greens to do.  The actual fabric colors are shown on my Featured Post.  I hope I will have enough fabrics and color combos to make a large quilt.  I think Tilda is coming out with a new line soon called Lemon Tree, it may be joining Cottage. 

Friday, December 1, 2017


I recently order Cottage by Tilda from the Intrepid Thread.  It is such a pretty print.  My plan is to make a Christmas runner out of it, but I have a bit of difficulty with the first block.  I do plan to try it once again with the help of my Brooke on her Wednesday post.   I also think I have more than enough to try something else as well with these pretty prints.  

I am torn with starting a new Spiral runner.  I think these colors would be really nice, besides the runner on Julie's Site.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


It is pecan harvest season at our house.  We have two trees on the side of our home.  The larger one is easily 40 feet high and the smaller one, if one can call it that about 30 for 35 feet tall.  My husband harvests them himself, which ends up being a pretty lengthy ordeal.  It involves lots of drying them in our oven, cracking them open, and drying them again.  Our dining room ends up pretty littered with stray shells on a regular basis and it goes on for several weeks before he is done.  
During all this I try to stay clear of the mess.  There is no better way to do that than to get into my quilting studio and find a new project, any project to avoid the mess until I can vacuum up the debris at the end of a day.  
Yes, a baby quilt.  I had lots of left over Big Sky by Annie Brady charm squares from my runner I made earlier last month.   
And it was done pretty easily and quickly.
Have you noticed in the last few years that baby quilts are not so babyish?  I wondered about that as I put this together.  It is only 40 inches square so only really big enough for a baby/child quilt.  I did not have enough fabric to border it, just enough to bind it.  The binding will be that black and white print in it.  I like it a lot and the little bear print squares seem just enough to call it a baby quilt.  I'll quilt it myself and stash it away for that gift that will eventually come up for a little one.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Wow, eleven months under by belt.  I now have 66 blocks and wonder if December will be the final month with a total of 72.  I don't usually stick it out this long.  
Here is the November block.  I am surprised that all of these have gone so well.  The unfinished size is 5.5 inches square.  That means that pieces like those little squares only finish at 1 inch.  One thing I have learned doing this quilt along is that my piecing accuracy has improved a great deal.  
A month or two ago when looking through my stash for more red fabrics I cam across a bag of them along with this red work panel.  I decided that I would try to incorporate it into a quilt with all this year's blocks from this quilt along I have made.
I cut out the flower panel pieces, deciding not to use any of the animal or fruit pieces.  
I got a couple more blocks done, only three more to go.  I make six each month.
Yes I think this is going to be a great idea for a finish.  

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I think this is one of the first appliqué projects I ever made, many years ago.  My children still laugh at the turkey's legs.  Not much meat there they say.  
Yes success at last.  If you have been watching my blog over the last month you will remember I made a full size Christmas spiral runner.  Then I tried making it half size with not much success.  It wasn't awful, but it just was not perfect.  I talked with the teacher that taught the original class I took and she suggested a different approach.  Well it worked.  
Well here it is all bound and I am just finishing the handwork.  This was a real lesson in just keep working on it. 

Friday, November 17, 2017


I am in a bit of a creative slump.  Nothing really seems to be coming together.  In an effort to do something I finally resorted to making new doggy placemats for our two pups.  
Easy quilting back.
And front.
Love the bone shape.  Although the binding is a little bit of a challenge.  Still one more to make, but it seemed to take care of the HooHumm feeling and got me started on a new track.  I know placemats might seem like a silly thing for dogs, but we have wood floors and our poodle is a messy eater, so it keeps most of the food splatter off the floor.
I purchased a new line by Pat Brovo called Indy Folk.  I had this idea in mind, but just could not get it to come out the way I wanted.    Thus the only alternative was to make dog placemats.  However, once I sort of got myself together I spent sometime on the internet and came across a tutorial on the Missouri Quilting site that was the perfect solution for these fabrics along with pulling a number of Maureen Cracknell's fabric lines to go with them from my stash.  
And here we are.  These are the first four of several that I made.  I now have over 10 complete.  They measure 7 inches so will finish at 6.5.  I guess I am going to need lots of them, but they are so fun. So it is off with a renewed creative bug.